Sterilisation of foot & hand before entering clean room area is a pre-requisite for any life science facility. All operations of Foot & Hand washing system including access control are PLC controlled and activity status is recorded in the system which is very user friendly. HMI mounted on Foot & Hand washing Machine guides step by step through the process of scientific hand wash.

Steps involved in washing and drying:
•    Prewash 
•    Detergent wash
•    Post wash
•    Drying

Salient features:

Throughout the Cycle, the operator will be given visual instruction of the process in progress and of those elapsed steps. HMI will guide step by step process to the user.

Process interlocks:

•    Unauthorized entry
•    Water pumping pressure is low
•    Detergent tank level is low
•    Hands not present inside the wash chamber
•    Person not present (If he / she is not standing inside the foot chamber)
•    Gate remains closed if cycle is incomplete.
•    Gate position

User settable parameters (time settings):
•    Water washing
•    Detergent dosing
•    Drying blowers and 
•    Heaters on/ off time individually

Special feature - Automatic Cycle Abort:
If a person’s foot and hand is not in required position during the execution of washing cycle, the cycle is aborted.

Material of construction:
SS 304 structure with side covers

Additional feature:
Storage of records of personnel entry, through this equipment, is possible

Important note: 
Equipment spares are easily replaceable and readily available in the market.