To increase operational and energy efficiency, one looks for new ways to managing ones facility easier. At Qualitus Pharma Solutions we integrate, install and maintain building management systems and provide life cycle support for Life Science facilities.

We offer a customised range of building management , intelligent building solutions and services from individual subsystems to fully integrated intelligent buildings. Each of these systems shall reduce risk while delivering world class operating and energy efficiency and reliability.


  • Open protocol management  
  • Energy management
  • Utility monitoring for electrical, steam, gas, oil and water
  • Information sharing between departments
  • Improved response time to events
  • Reduced installation and life cycle costs
  • High level of control for HVAC system. Controlling is through independent PLC for each AHU which in turn will be communicated to central SCADA through Profinet (TCP/IP based)
  •  The control band width for Temperature is +/- 1 deg C and RH is +/- 3%. (This bandwidth will not be applicable for sudden loads).
  • Pre & Fine filters choking alerts
  • Generation of real time trends for all process critical parameters
  • Generation of alarms for all process critical parameters
  • Alert and action limits for critical controlling parameters can be defined. Separation of critical and non-critical alarms can also be made possible.
  • Preventive and Calibration schedule alerts
  • Screens development as per customer requirement
  • Three level password protection
  • Process and safety interlocks
  • Remote diagnostic and system access from anywhere across the globe
  • High speed communication network.
  • Option open for adding client systems  
  • Flexible for modification to implement our innovative ideas and future expansion capability  
  • Option for communicating to future central Monitoring/ Controlling system