Salient Features :

  • Operation can be controlled from both Remote and Local Location.
  • The Operation can be monitored through HMI / Panel PC.
  • Is designed for both Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic mode of operation.
  • Is Programmed to Suit; different levels of Password Protection, Compliance.
  • Both Downstream and Upstream machines are interlocked.
  • Will ensure Process and Safety interlocks.
  • Can function at a Speed up to 300 Vials/min.
  • Recipe Creation and Upload options are provided.
  • System can be made to be in Compliance with 21 CFR part11 (Optional).


   Important Note:

  • Designed to meet the cGMP requirement.
  • Can be designed for both Fixed and Movable shelf type (Full Manual Door)
  • Customisation is possible.