The Vials once filled and sealed from the upstream line, the vials are fed into Tray collection equipment. Collecting of Vials manually is impossible as the speed of the line would be around 400 vials/minute (depending on size of Vial) and hence manual intervention is not advisable. HMI is fixed with password protection for smooth handling of product and machine. Automatic Vial collection equipment can be customised based on vial size and speed. Designed to collect the vials from upstream machine or vials from the conveyor in to the tray in zig zag method

Salient features :

•    A shifter mechanism is provided to move the vial tray forward and reverse automatically
•    To improve the productivity, stand by tray, is provided
•    Comes along with GMP documentation like DQ, FAT, IQ, OQ, manuals, MOC and test certificates
•    Speed up to 400 vials/ minute can be programmed

Additional Features: 

•    Generation of reports batch wise for output trays and vials
•    Cumulative and real time output monitoring system

Important Note:

•    Is suitable for installation in clean room
•    Need based customisation can be done.