Qualitus strongly believes in “Automation for the sake of automation does not provide optimum user value”. On this note emphasis is given in proper understanding of the user and process requirements to deliver desired results.
Qualitus is engaged in automation of  

  • Process and plant automation solutions
  • PLC based controlling and monitoring system for BMS, EMS and PW & WFI distribution
  • Intigrating of plant equipment supplied by diffrent vendors for the purpose of centralised monitoring and report generation system
  • Customized report generation in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11. 
  • Utilities managemnt system with energy saving concepts
  • Hot Redundancy systems for critical controlling and monitoring systems
  • Replacing mechanical Cams with Servos
  • Upgrading of controlling & recoding systems of equipment & facilities as per current regulatory norms
  • Vision system for inspecting for particles, liquid level, stopper absence & improper sealing on sealed vials, batch code, improper labelling , re cancellation of vials & ampoules , etc.
  • Time synchronization of plant equipment

Salient Features:

Our high end automised systems are remotely diagnosable and system are accessible from anywhere across the  globe.

  • High speed communication network
  • Option open for adding client systems  
  • Flexible for modification to implement our innovative ideas
  • Future expansion capability  
  • Option available for communicating to future Central monitoring/ Controlling system
  • Mobile alerts
  • High security systems
  • TCP/IP based network for communication of all controlling and monitoring systems