Qualitus strongly believes in “Automation for the sake of automation does not provide optimum user value”. On this note emphasis is given in proper understanding of the User and Process requirements to deliver desired results.

Qualitus is engaged in automation of  

  • Process and plant automation solutions
  • PLC based BMS, EMS and loop systems
  • Under BMS; Automation of AHU's with focus on controlling of opening of dampers, operation of blowers and their status can be programmed as per set parameters.
  • Customized report generation in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11. 



Qualitus Strongly Believes In “AUTOMATION FOR THE SAKE OF AUTOMATION DOES NOT PROVIDE OPTIMUM USER VALUE”. On This Note Emphasis Is Given On Proper Understanding Of The User And Process Requirements To Deliver Desired Results.


Qualitus Is Engaged In Automation Of: 

• Process And Plant Automation Solutions

• PLC Based BMS, EMS And Loop Systems

• Under BMS; Automation Of AHU's With Focus On Controlling Of Opening Of Dampers, Operation Of Blowers And Their Status Can Be Programmed As Per Set Parameters.


•Customized Report  generation   In Compliance With 21 CFR Part 11.