Multi-port Glove Leak Tester is a cost effective system designed to perform glove leak test in conformity with the pressure decay method ISO 14644-7 E.5 (Positive pressure test) and generate print report for the test. Glove leak test is performed to ensure the safety, leak tightness of glove with help of Glove test adapter. Glove integrity test is simple to operate, easy to execute, validate and is hassle free for maintenance activities.

Salient features:

•    Easy to view and access
•    Controlled through PLC
•    Three level password protection system
•    All parameters can be set, as per client requirement
•    Feedback of the test outcome (Pass/Fail) is given
•    Numerical feedback of the performance of the tested item is displayed and printed
•    Cost effective

Material Of Construction:
•    SS304 control panel with clean room compatible construction

Additional features: 
•    Print out of ‘test result’ through thermal printer is possible
•    Also available is a PDF report, for copying through external medium
•    Audit trail (optional)
•    Can be given as both single and multiport testers
•    Can be customised as both portable and trolley model